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Let me help you build the external appearance of your project. I work hard to ensure that what the user sees is intrinsically tied to your business requirement. The RESULT is satisfaction.

User Experience & User Interface

Modern, attractive user interfaces is my specialty. That means application design and development quality, delievered to you. Either as part of a team or operating by myself, I can produce. I've worked with many integrated development environments (IDE's) and can get up to speed quickly on your team, manage design and code changes carefully at every stage of the project. Everything I create will be almost as excellent as your idea is - on any screen. Drawing from over 15 years of experience using various design and development techniques, tools, frameworks, IDE's, methodologies, and platforms - I am ready and able to get up to speed quickly and contribute immediately.

Corporate Branding

Do you find yourself needing any of these things for your growing company: a clever new logo, a set of glossy flyers for a trade show, a modern and cohesive color palette, a special event microsite, an email campaign, a survey, new iWork or Microsoft Office templates (perhaps just revisions and modernization!) -- or an integrated campaign covering all of these things? Drawing from a long list of successful projects, completed at publicly traded companies, startups and almost everything in between, I will work closely with you and learn about what YOU like and will go from there. Upon delivery I will give you variety, quality, flexibility, interoperability and most importantly... RESULTS


As the 90's rolled into the 2000's, browsers struggled to render increasingly complex material. That's what I was doing too. Full-featured programs (soon to be called applications) being delivered over the web was just over the horizon. My career was in lockstep with this entire transition. To this day I still find more satisfaction in using browsers to deliver software & applications, rather than using them for more simple kinds of content. I like the challenge. My skills, having been sharpened in this area since the early & transitional days, have prepared me to be an interface designer for the most complex kind of applications. This is what I do, and this is what I love.


The purpose of this section is to showcase my work as a user interface designer, user experience architect, information architect and usability person. It depicts my work in the order of newest to oldest. This portfolio lets potential clients, patrners and employers view my prior efforts. The views captured are the property of the respective companies. I mean to use them only to showcase my abilities.


Agile, Balsamiq Mockups, Git & GitHub, Graphic Design, Prototyping & Wireframes, Usability, Information Architecture, CSS/HTML, JQuery, Bootstrap Mobile, Node.js

PointRight iOS App - On Demand PR Pronto

Microsoft Visual Studio + IDE, Xcode, Android Studio, Graphic Design, Usability, Information Architecture, CSS/HTML, JQuery, Bootstrap

PointRight Member Summary

Graphic Design, ASP.Net & .ASPX, Microsoft Visual Studio + IDE, Prototyping, Cross-Platform Testing, Usability Testing, Product Definition, Product Marketing

PointRight Pulse Dashboard

Graphic Design, MVC Framework, ASP.Net & .ASPX, Microsoft Visual Studio + IDE, FusionCharts, Prototyping, Wireframes, Cross-Platform Testing, Usability Testing, Product Definition, Product Marketing, JQuery

Product Center for Partners

Graphic Design, MVC Framework, ASP.Net & .ASPX, Microsoft Visual Studio + IDE, CSS/HTML & JQuery, Prototyping, Wireframes, Cross-Platform Testing, Usability Testing, Product Definition, Prodct Marketing, Bootstrap

Sears & TEMPOE

Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio + IDE, Multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS's) and Content Management Systems (CMS's) Microsoft , CSS/HTML & JQuery, Prototyping, Wireframes, Cross-Platform Testing, Usability Testing, Product Definition, Prodct Marketing, Bootstrap

About Erik Jernberg

Erik Jernberg. RESULTS can assist you in the creation of your logo, your corporate or company branding, messy informtion architecture cleanup, e-commerce store and many other related areas. Please get in touch with me so that we can discuss how I can help.

Erik Jernberg - Principal Designer & Developer

Also Journalist, Marketer, Mountain Biker, Muay Thai Practitioner, Wakeboarder

I am a UX designer, a front-end maker and occasional builder, a usability expert and at the core I try to champion the user with every decision that I make. When assembling an application, software package, site, or anything else perfecting the user experience for your project or product is my goal. I have the knowledge, skills and abilities to get this done. Please contact me as soon as you can so we can get started.

Erik Jernberg.RESULTS is the small company I started so that I could keep up with the freelancing opportunities and short term projects I've been fortunate enough to engage. I thought about the pro's and con's of using my own name as my company's name and researched the benefits of using a clever portmanteau but I had trouble taking any of them seriously.

My email address is, and my phone number is 978.228.0429, but I am on almost all social networks and platforms so you can contact me using whatever method you like. Twitter DM, LinkedIn InMail, Facebook Message, carrier pidgeon. You can even call me collect and I'll pick up that phone.

I live and work in New England and I make things for the Web. I enjoy alpabebetized lists, amateur astronomy, aviation, being a Dad, boating, mountain biking, reading old-timey sea stories, scuba diving, snowboarding, technology, wakeboarding, writing and lots of other things. Follow me if you want to learn more.

Pictured in the banner image above is the logo I use for the freelancing and moonlighting opportunities that come my way, and the other thing in the banner - well that's me. The logo contains a few design elements I want to highlight. The contrast of my name vs the client shows contrition to the client by making the word Results capitalized and 200% larger than my name. The dot in the middle of the company name is a nod to web/internet syntax. The color scheme is derived from my favorite mountain bike company Klein (which is sadly gone now, having been absorbed into a larger company) and their gorgeous designs involving multiple stage gradients on a glossy aluminum base.

Thank you for visiting - please have a look around and please contact me if I can help you with your project or product!

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Please use the contact form below (or any of the aforementioned methods) and I will respond to you within 24 hours. Thank you!